Vocational and Industrial Training

Vocational training emphasizes the acquisition of technical skills for a particular job or trade, providing practical knowledge as opposed to the theoretical knowledge offered by traditional formal education. Knowing the various vocational training options can aid in selecting the appropriate one for career advancement and progress. This article defines vocational training and examines some of the popular vocational training alternatives available in India.

Vocational training is important due to the following reasons:

  • Vocational training specializes in developing job-specific technical skills.
  • Vocational training can be undertaken within or outside the formal education system.
  • It equips you with the necessary skills to secure a well-paying job or occupation in a short period.
  • Training at a vocational school awards you a certification from an independent organization that testifies to your skills and gives you an advantage over informally trained candidates.
  • It enhances your job performance.
  • Due to its practical application, students tend to be more actively involved in vocational training than formal education.
  • It provides an opportunity for those who missed formal education or are uncertain about attending school.
  • It enables you to learn your preferred skills and switch to a new career at any time.
  • It creates employment opportunities in small towns and villages, preventing urban migration.
  • The majority of vocational skills are universally recognized, making you eligible for employment opportunities abroad.
  • It provides the industry with skilled manpower.